SSC unit one, reading section

Can you live alone?

Long ago, a young man who lived in a village, found his life full of problems and suffering. Quarrels, ill-feelings, jealousy, enmity all were part of everyday life there.
So he left his house and went to a jungle to live by himself. There he made a nice little hut with wood, bamboo and reeds. “Ah, how happy I am here!” said the man to himself.
But one day he found some mice in his hut. The little creatures soon made holes in his blanket. So he brought a cat to kill the mice. The cat needed milk. So he brought a cow. The cow needed grass and hay. So he brought a cowboy.

The cowboy needed food. So he took a wife to cook meals. Then children were born to them, and the man found himself again in a family.
So nobody can live alone unless that person is either angel or devil. People need food, shelter, companions and cooperation. They need to help each other. And if they live in a family or community, their needs can be fulfilled. Hence living in society can make people good and happy citizens.

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